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This document will serve as an introduction to and usage example for the libplacebo API. This is not intended as a full API reference, for that you should see the repository of header files, which are written to be (hopefully) understandable as-is.

libplacebo exposes large parts of its internal abstractions publicly. This guide will take the general approach of starting as high level as possible and diving into the details in later chapters.

A full listing of currently available APIs and their corresponding header files can be seen here.

Getting Started

To get started using libplacebo, you need to install it (and its development headers) somehow onto your system. On most distributions, this should be as simple as installing the corresponding libplacebo-devel package, or the appropriate variants.

You can see a fill list of libplacebo packages and their names on repology.

API versions

This document is targeting the "v4 API" overhaul, and as such, examples provided will generally fail to compile on libplacebo versions below v4.x.

Alternatively, you can install it from the source code. For that, see the build instructions located here.